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Marin County’s Top Producing Agent Every Single Year Since 2005

BY REAL TRENDS /The Wall Street Journal 

Tracy McLaughlin was named Marin County’s single top producing agent again in 2020 for a record breaking 15th straight year with over $254 million in closed transactions!  Tracy is currently ranked number 3 in the Bay Area and number 20 in the nation.  The combination of Tracy’s pre-listing construction and design advice and services, strategic pricing, professionally produced video content, and unparalleled international marketing are integral parts of her record breaking sales and brand. Tracy’s comprehensive pre-listing guidance for construction, design, and staging, are successfully implemented in many of the homes that Tracy lists.  There is a documented return of between $5-$10 for every dollar invested by her clients in these pre listing efforts to maximize equity in your home.  Having personally purchased and renovated over 30 properties for her own portfolio, Tracy’s extensive experience in design and construction makes her uniquely qualified to advise both buyers and sellers on the very best investment decisions regarding which home to purchase, when to sell and what improvements to make in anticipation of selling to maximize a property’s resale value. Tracy’s keen advice on how NOT to leave money on the table when buying and selling became the subject of her just released book “Real Estate Rescue” which is currently available on Amazon for purchase. Tracy is a regular guest on local and national radio, tv and podcast media as one of the country’s foremost experts on residential real estate.

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