Client Testimonials: TOM AND CAROLYN

Dear Tracy,

Tom and I would like to express in writing what we have expressed to you in person so many times since the sale of our home in September 2018. We are so thankful to you and your team for the all the time, effort and genuine care you put into the sale of our home.

We purchased our Shady Lane house in 1997, lived in it for 4 years and then tore it down and built a new home where we raised our 3 children over the next 17 years. We were extremely proud of, and loved every aspect of, the home we built.

So, when we made the hard decision to sell our family home, we knew we needed to work with a realtor who understood the value of our home and, in turn, could work with us to maximize the sales price. Tracy, our decision to work with you and your team was without question one of the best investment decisions we have ever made! At our very first meeting, you picked up on our emotional connection to our home and the anxiety around our decision to put it up for sale. Although we were initially shocked by your suggestions on what we needed to update/change to ready our home for market, we truly appreciated the way you offered your recommendations with sensitivity to our attachment to the home. You compelled us to invest and trust in your process and you did not fail us!

Tracy, your knowledge of what today’s buyer wants from a home, coupled with Bob Federighi’s staging prowess, combined to increase our home’s sale price by as much as 20%. By our calculations our total investment of $135,000 to ready our home for market based upon your suggestions netted us an additional $700,000 - $1,000,000 on the final sales price of our home.

Our initial thoughts, based on the current comps at the time and recent sales, were that we would list our home at or around $4,395,000 with hopes of a $4,800,000 sales price. You pushed us to invest in your suggestions even though we felt some of them were unnecessary. Your insight and direction resulted in a listing price of $4,995,000 and a sales price of $5,600,000, all cash offer that closed in 5 days! This was a record-breaking price per square foot sale for Ross and the absolute best possible result we could have hoped for! We firmly believe we would not have achieved these results had we not worked with you.

Please do not hesitate to pass our name and contact information along to any of your clients. We strongly support you, Bob and your process!

In sincere gratitude,

- Tom and Carolyn

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