Client Testimonials: SCOTT AND BETH

Dear Tracy,

We wanted to thank you and your team for the most professional process and wonderful outcome on the sale of our home. First of all, we were thrilled that you spent as much (or more) time advising on our home despite its price being lower than many other homes you sell. You treated us as though we were your most important client. In fact, I remember one Sunday you called at 9 am and said “I woke up this morning thinking about your house”! What other realtor does that???? You gave us such quality service from the beginning when you came at least 3 times before you presented your opinion of our options.

As most sellers probably do, we thought our beautiful home would sell quickly at a top price with only some minimal staging. When you proposed some significant changes, including moving walls, new floors, major painting, etc., it was hard for us to see the value. You also brought in Bob Federeghi and his team to help advise and ultimately execute. Your thoughtful plan helped us to understand who the target buyers would be and how these changes would directly appeal to them.

Agreeing to the plan and spending money against an uncertain outcome was somewhat a leap of faith, but your presentation, data and analysis along with your track record and work ethic convinced us. The result was better than we had hoped. We had 3 interested buyers and were in contract in 8 days for well over the sale price we had set. Your follow-through on the closing could not have been smoother. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone looking to sell their home and are happy to speak with any potential clients in more detail. We feel you truly are the best realtor and wish you continued success.

- Scott and Beth

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